Mess Maker

Mess Makers

Welcome to The Mess Makers Series, where we take an intimate look inside the lives of local artists and artisans.
The past 18 months has been a trying for all of us but it has also been a time of self reflection, growth and for the lucky few, an opportunity for creativity to flourish.

May 2021

Louise East

Leaving the corporate world behind after 15 years, Louise decided to take a different path to help women cope with the overwhelming ideal of being a perfect mother. Louise is a Mindset and Life Coach for Perfectionistic Mums, a Matrescence Facilitator, a Speaker & Blogger. 

Louise East
Rani Engineer, La Maison Jolie, Mess Maker
March 2021
Rani Engineer

Rani wears several hats as a brand stylist, visual storyteller, photographer and content creator all while raising her daughter Elie.
Rani's styling blog La Maison Jolie has been recognised (more than a few times) as a 'must read' when considering restyling your home.
the mess makers, cleanfluencer
February 2021
Chloe Rose

Chloe is known for her honest product reviews and handy hacks.

With over 10, 000 followers on Instagram Chloe's posts range from cleaning tips to recipes and giveaways.
wild life brewing co, the mess makers
January 2021
Wild Life Brewing Co

From an idea born between mates in country Victoria, Wild Life Brewing Co was created.
They knew that they had to brew something simply delicious - and made for the way people drink in the country.
marnie mcknight, the mess makers
December 2020
Marnie McKnight

Marnie is known for her abstract oil on canvas paintings which are primarily inspired by the Australian land and seascapes.
Marnie made the move to Australia from Ireland over 20 years ago, now her & her family call Sydney home.
November 2020
Kirsten Perry

Our first Mess Maker is a Melbourne based ceramicist who has transformed her garage into a studio along with her furry sidekick, Fünf.
Kirsten Perry